Outros Textos

You are so different from me. And you live in a world eloigned, distant from my aspirations, entangled with your desires, fascinations, and fears.

But slowly, slowly, I ripe you into my arms. Look at my eyes, how they look at you. How they desire you. I want to cover you with pearls of satisfaction, I want you to be the glory of an open day. I want to fight for you and conquer over you the world entire.

Look at my sex, how it gleans on you, how it apparently devours you, your soul, your mind, almost your body. I desire to be one with you.

Disappear with your eyes entangled in a world of their own. I am going to give you my own eyes, my own pleasure. There is something in us that is common. We both like you. We both admire your skin, and the hairs that grow someplaces, and the shining fluid that comes from you. We both like your mouth and your tongue, we both think you're beautiful.

So come to my arms, and let me give you the prove of my affection. Let me show how I love you, how my arms and breast and skin all desire for your touch.

What do we long for? Is it a home to comfort us, a resting place to forget of the world? No! It is a landscape, a vibrant painting where we put our colours, where we flood our tears and wishes and ambitions and laughter. You see, after all, I am beautiful too, and I am going to disrobe you from yourself.

I find you're beautiful and you come to me. But in the nest of my arms you will conclude, it is so nice to be. And you will long for me. And I will loose you inside yourself.

With my hands I turn your face, and open your mouth. You are open to me. So that my sex can enter into you at full length. I can do whatever I want, and if I want correctly, that is, if I want to take you with all my will, then you will came to me, and you will be lost to me. And I will be your master, and you, the continuity of my body the continuity of my soul.

Arms that are no longer arms, and legs that are no longer legs. Words that come from amidst ourselves. It is no longer you and me. My will is upon you, but my will begets from you. And I cannot separate my self from the love of thee.

Two wills or just one? How many feelings are in one head, composed with two brains and a single body?

Let me give your sex, for now. Give me your ass instead. Now I partake you, I divide you, to reenconter you again, in a lost, and different place, you have sucombed to me, and I will give you your life again. Through you, in you, deep in you, more deep than anyone as been. Take me as I am, all, in one piece. YOu are swalling me from behind. Everything is retroversed, am in you in different sphere. I'm in you with all my heart.

Now that you have had m in this way, what is it missing for you to be my perfect slave? For I to be your perfect master, a D. Quixote on a horse, to save and give life to you. You are my slave and I am yours, for in the orgasm I gave myself to thee, for in the act of love I've thought of nothing but your members, and your sex, and your pleasure/pain, and your feelings, and that you were mine. And that was all I wanted. That was all I lived for. At that moment, I was happy, because I had, in my hands, within me, all that I wanted, your entire being. And I dedicated my life to get it, once more and again, dipper still, until we will be no more than 1.


But wait... there's a great danger in this act. Because, what do I search in thee? How do I manage to get the completeness between our two different beings done? Am I to destroy you to get what I want (but then I get nothing), or do I simply make you love me, so that you will give yourself wholly to me?

It is of course this second path that does not end in disappointment