Sometimes you are trying to help others just because you want to help yourself. It happened to me, very strongly, that I wanted to impress others with my goodness so much, that I forgot what was better to the person I was trying to help, and instead, tried to put her in the spotlight, so that everyone could see how fragile she was, and how good I had been to her. The saviour of mankind, the helper of all people, me, me, me. Using others, fragile people, as the food to my dream, helping here and there, becoming a 'better' person on account of other people suffering.

Well, now I've learned. If you really want to help someone, you don't inflate your own powers. You check your list of limitations before you act, you thoroughly check the situation of the person, and you do something adequate. Supererogatory action is, most of the times, out of question, not because it is wrong in itself (because it is not) but because, most of the times, it doesn't help anyone except to feed your hungry-for-recognition personality. Most people cannot be helped unless they are really ready to change (imposing won't work), most people must sort themselves out of the situation. Most times all you can do is listen. Sometimes show the way. Rarely, lead the way. And almost never make the way. If you ever, ever, try to 'make the way' be prepared, for it is just too easy to become part of the problem instead of its solution.