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There is a thing about friends, they tend to come and go like waves on a beach, leaving an indelible mark (most times for good!), but very few stay physically present. So I will focus on recent events. Last year I had the chance to work with Stuart Hameroff, Mitchell Porter and Avner Priel. It was a great experience from which I have learned a lot. I have also met great people from the LDS community; it was a deep and great experience, one of the most blissful of my life. Some one wrote that being in the LDS church helps us to turn life into a heavenly experience. I have experienced that in my own life.

Besides my family, I am much in debt to Nuno Nabais who has convinced that it was actually possible to fulfil my dream of continuing my studies in philosophy, and as, whenever possible, given me unyielding strength and encouragement. My thesis supervisor, Daniel Andler, has been immensely gentle and generous both in accepting my work and in keeping his open and continuing support. These are the two persons that really opened me the doors to pursue my studies, which (study) is for me the main source of ‘life’.

Regarding my current friends, only Jorge Ferro has went public on the internet . He is a great guy, hard-working, very independent, idealist regarding the ends but very practical regarding the means. His most visible ability has to do with organizing projects involving somewhat large numbers of people. He always naturally becomes the center of every project and always knows the right thing to say.

Have you ever felt that a person is you, sometimes even more than yourself? Well, it sounds strange but I feel that way regarding a person who has been very important to me, in every aspect of my life, and that I consider as part of my family, Ana! Hi!! Wherever you are...