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Do you want to hear?

Superman not just for me, is the supreme star of freedom, justice and power. He beats up the bad, and only the bad guys, and he is sincere, honest and truly good. But imagine that, instead of being a reporter of the Daily Planet in the 70’s, his spaceship would crash 150 years before in the lands of the southern United States. What would he do then? Would he be fighting KKK members, saving every African-American from the bonds of slavery and punishing the ‘bad guys’?

How would Superman look in this new circumstance? As cool and merry as before? How would he sound to Martin Luther King, to a historian, or to a southerner today? Sometimes we forget that to have the perfect hero we need the perfect villain. And southerners, even at the time, were not perfect villains, nor are catholics or protestants, or palestianians, etc. Some of their acts were perfectly wrong, that’s for sure. Military acts, by the way, are almost always terrible and devastating. But when you see the all-picture you have difficulty in making a quick judgment on the people.

Suppose Superman would go instead near an abortion clinic where pro-life protesters were destroying part of the installations. What would he do then, just stand by and watch? You see, sometimes, being all powerful, all knowledgeable, and having a perfect morality, even being perfection itself, doesn’t help when you’re in a situation where good people, trying to do good things, are just messing up everything by being too ignorant, or too afraid, to do things in a better way. Is there a better description of our lives: we try to do the best we can, but then, from time to time, only mess comes out? What can a super-hero do in a situation like this?

One bet is that he’d just fly off to some distant planet where people would know better why they were doing things and what they were trying to achieve. And to cry all the way over there, seeing how our inability to hear one another can make us suffer so terribly.

Another option is to invent what I called the ‘SuperAid Hearer Device’ (SHD). This magnificent device, shortly available in all K-Mart superstores for just 29.99 (plus tax), helps instantly all those who use it to become fully impregnated with human spirit and compassion. Using modern ESP evidence, the SHD is so technically advanced that it can transport in high fidelity an intense orgasm felt 100 miles away, or a cold wince, 5 feet or less. It is able to communicate thought with a precision must bigger than natural language. Buy now. The price includes an insurance policy for the relatively small risk (10%) of getting instantly crazy!

SHD – get instant compassion for less...

(not advisable in war zones or at night time)